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Who can use our Educational software solutions?

Our program is for all learners from Grade 1 to Grade 12 (but our current exhibitions are mainly focused on Primary level grades.)

Does the program have the things they are learning at school?

Intelia works 100% according to the national curriculum standards, so the syllabus on the software has all the topics they learn at school.

What if I don't have a laptop or computer?

We have insured that anybody can access our services by making the program web-based which means any device with internet access will be able to get help from us.
o Stand-alone browser → Windows 7 to latest version
o Or alternatively use other browsers (Any device with internet access)

What Subjects are available on the software?

The main subjects we have under the current upgrade are:
English-(Grade 1-12) Afrikaans- (Grade 1-7) Mathematics-(Grade 1-12) Accounting-(Grade 10 - 12) Science-(Grade 8 -12) Life Skills-(Grade 1 - 7)

How much will the program cost me?

The costs are tailor made for different clients according to their needs, costs vary from R2 990 to R11 990, and each package is worth every penny.
We have multiple payment options, namely:
1. Cash Purchases
2. Manual Deposits
3. EFT
4. Paypal
5. Debit Orders
6. Online Subscriptions
If you sign up under a payment plan, you have an option of taking it on 6 months,12 months, 18 months or 24 months with a deposit payment. Pricing is divided in the following catagories: Grade 1 - 3 (Foundation Phase) - R 2 990 Grade 4 - 7 (Intermediate Phase) - R 4 000 Grade 8 - 9 (Senior Phase 1) - R 2 000 Grade 10 - 12 (Senior Phase 2) - R 3 000

How does the program work?

The software gives you options on which grade, subject and topic you would like to improve on, allowing you to pick whether you would like to complete some exercises, check the visual examples or watch video tutorials.
For all the background features that make the program extremely effective, speak to one of our consultants.

How long will I be subscribed to the program?

All our customers have lifetime access to our program once they have purchased it, with the exception of online subscriptions- which is a monthly prepaid access option.

Why so late in the year?

The program is in line with the school curriculum and thus will aid/enhance your child’s current learning content irrespective of the time/period in the year, furthermore the program will last your child up till Grade 12.

What curriculum do you use?

The software is CAPS aligned, which means it uses the current national curriculum, should the national curriculum change, the software will be updated to reflect national standards.
Take note that the only major difference with the different curricula is the pace at which certain topics are introduced.

I have more than one child, will I need more than one software?

Each package has capacity to service an entire household (average of 2 children to the maximum of 4 children).
The software has a feature that allows you to create profiles for each and can differentiate data collected from learner A and learner B.

What am I paying for?

Any physical material that is offered to a new client is given free of charge.
The client is charged for the services that improve, maintain and enhance the child’s performance.

How often do I get a diagnostic report detailing my child’s performance?

The report is emailed monthly and can be tailor made to meet your specific needs (i.e any appropriate time frame for you)

How does the subscription program differ from all other payment options?

The subscription option is prepaid on a monthly basis, the client does not obtain ownership of the program and may unsubscribe at their discretion.
The client will be required to subscribe online.

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